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July 10, 2008

There are too many things going on here. And, unfortunately, my reaction to stress is that I want to sleep, lots.

What I should be doing, instead of excessive amounts of sleeping, is getting to work on some of these things. But instead I think I’m going to lay down and grind my teeth for a while. That will help, right?

In gardening news, I picked the first radish yesterday and it was really tasty. I sliced it really thin and threw it into some wasabi cucumber pickles. I’ve been harvesting the lettuce bit by bit and today I had fresh picked lettuce with tuna salad for lunch, with a side of wasabi pickles. The tomatoes are still lurching along. there are finally flowers on the bigger tomato plant and I was able to get some bamboo from the nursery (for free!) to stake the plant after it fell over in the latest thunderstorm.

Once I harvest all the radishes, I’m going to try my hand at dill. Maybe, in a couple months, I will be able to make some real dill pickles.