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Ok, I give up

March 10, 2008

For the last time, I tried once again to win the battle with fake meat. I lost. I have some sort of reaction to fake meat products that leads to terrible stomachaches and intestinal distress. I don’t get it.

I purposely tried the fake meat this time while Adolfo was out of town. Also, because it is hard to just buy one small serving, I knew there was a chance I would need to throw the rest of the package out, and for some reason that was something I didn’t want Adolfo to be around for.

My history with fake meat began in grad school. I was starving and wanted ready to eat food that wasn’t horrible for my health. I was surviving on quesadillas with the occasional bagged spinach leaf or spoonful of refried beans out of a can and frozen vegetarian lasagna. I needed another option.

I thought that a little Boca/Morningstar burger or nugget would provide some much needed variety. And it did. Hours after eating any of these products I would develop horrible stomachaches.

I don’t know why. I have no other food allergies, not even the family food allergy. And, apparently the rest of my family is able to eat fake meat products with abandon. I eat soy products regularly (tofu, soy sauce, the occasional edamame). I don’t generally have a sensitive stomach. I eat chile and drink tequila (both in moderation). I even eat street food and since moving here I’ve had hotdogs off the street, with chile! (Now, that really should have given me a stomachache.)

So for some reason, with all that experience, I decided to give it one more shot. They sell a lot of fake meat products here. I don’t believe they are exceptionally healthy (they seem to have a lot of fat), but I just want another option sometimes. Also, I convinced myself that maybe fake meat is different here. Well, I was wrong.

Pain and suffering ensued. And, I think I’m off the fake meat wagon for good.

What is it that fake meat has that is not found in anything else I’m eating?