Class, cat and other projects

Well, once again, it’s been a while.  But, I thought an update on all the New Year’s plans was in order.

I have been attending the class Migracion Internacional since the beginning of the semester.  The professor is great and I’m having all kinds of conflicting feelings like: I’m talking too much in class, I should be teaching a class on migration, I should be studying at a higher level than undergraduate (even though it’s all in Spanish), maybe I should really get my butt in gear about this doctoral degree idea, I want to tell them all about the research I did for my MA and thesis, I should sit back and listen more, if I don’t understand something is it because of the language or was it a difficult concept?, and many other things.  So, it’s very invigorating.  I return home for lunch after my class and I feel a strange combination of tired and charged for the rest of the day.  I think this is good.

We adopted a small kitty who immediately doubled in size (ok, maybe it took a month).  We looked into an organization a friend of the family used to adopt her cats and went to their monthly fair.  Now Eco has been with us for a couple months and is master of the house, yelling at us all morning and sleeping all afternoon.  Also, he’s very pretty.

The sweater project died and had to be put on hold, but the knitting continues.  Mom hooked me up with a knitting website and now I can find free patterns.  I’m currently working on a shawl with the yarn that would have been the sweater but wasn’t enough.  And, a present for a friend, so I won’t say much about it here – especially in case it doesn’ t turn out well and I’m too ashamed to send it.  As soon as I finish the shawl, which is also the first lace pattern I’ve ever attempted, my needles will be freed up for the renewed sweater project attempt – with new yarn.

The garden shuffles along without much assistance from me.  With the lone exception of the first tomato plant.  I saw it was trying to put out new leaves and decided to cut back all the older, dying leaves.  I now have a full-on second round of tomatoes coming on the first tomato plant!  I’ve never had this happen before – it always got too cold.  The second tomato plant is staggering behind.  It put out flowers, but is half the size of the first plant and seems to have an infestation of something which I have not researched and have not taken any action other than squishing a few bugs and spraying more soapy water.  The peas continue to be very unhappy with their lot in life.  Adolfo and I ate a total of 5 peas from the 5 plants.  I saw one more sad little flower yesterday.  Maybe we will both get one more pea.  The serano chile has also decided to go another round and is putting out flowers and chiles like crazy.  I picked a LARGE, ugly worm off the plant this morning and threw it over the balcony (my pest prevention plan).  The chile plant seems to not mind at all, even though some of the leaves were chewed off.  I made three cups of pesto (not all at once) from the basil plant and need to cut it back again.  It continues to insist on flowering.  Also, the gardenia is not happy and I don’t know why.  I’m sure I could read about it, but I haven’t.

I have a lovely backlog of books to read which I am savoring or devouring depending on my mood.

The cooking has not been very interesting since my stomach is all messed up and I’m on a very boring diet – so boring I’m losing weight even though I’m eating potatoes at practically every meal.  The one bright spot today was that Paty and I made the Oatmeal Chippers out of the Farm Journal Cookies book.  She had asked me to teach her a cookie recipe.  I told her my big secret was halving the sugar.  They turned out great, as usual.

One Response to “Class, cat and other projects”

  1. Paul Parkinson Says:

    Nice to have you blogging again. Also nice to see you’re in school. I really miss school and would like to go back myself. I’ve always told Max that I’ve been jealous of her since she went of to Illinois, now I can be jealous of you!

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