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New Year

January 6, 2010

Christmas and New Year’s Eve were a whirlwind of family and friends and food and visits.  Except for the unexpected absence of my father (lost passport, I’m sure you’ve heard), it was a very nice break.

It was also an appropriate time for reflection and planning.  I have started some new projects and am planning to start a few more.  I’m working on knitting my first sweater and will hopefully be able to wear it around the house when I’m done.  We have been looking at pictures of the cats on the Adopta Guadalajara web page and are getting a little bit closer to getting a small furry friend.

But, the bigger plan I’m working on is a plan to audit a course this coming semester.  The semester starts in the first week of February and I have decided (with the pushing and prodding of family) that I should sit in on an undergraduate level course at the UdeG.  I haven’t asked the professor yet, but I know him and I think he’ll say yes.

The bigger picture to this plan is the elusive doctoral degree.  I’ve been looking and pondering for a while and I think the idea of getting a degree in the US is just too expensive right now.  I don’t want to quit my job, I quite like it, and I would have to do a program arranged so you are doing distance learning for the semesters and spending the summers in Minnesota.  However, without the possibility of doing work-study, the aid will be all loans, and this is scary.  Especially scary since I earn an income based on living in Mexico.

So, I’m going to check out the UdeG and see if I can handle it, if I like it and if I can remember how to write academic papers in Spanish.  It will be a new challenge for the new year.