Yeah, sorry about that…

Oooh this blog thing is getting the best of me.  So many things have happened, time has past, gardening and cooking have progressed.

We harvested the very first tomato the other day and yesterday I took the second one off the plant.  I’m impatiently waiting for the mother load to ripen.  The plant is loaded down with green fruit and this morning I re-worked some of the supports so the vine is not doubling over quite so much.

I recently transplanted two more tomato plants and we will see if I can finally get my perpetual tomato production plan in action.

I’m also trying to get a plan together for some Christmas preparations, which includes cookies and bread baked and in the freezer, and some small meals stashed away.

We’ll see if I manage to get the Christmas cards out this year.  It didn’t happen last year, so I’m still stocked up on cards.

And, now the FIL has started, so we are going to be at the book fair all week long!

2 Responses to “Yeah, sorry about that…”

  1. Barbara Says:

    As I clicked on the link this morning I thought, I should just ask Della if I should stop looking for anything to be posted here. I got a pleasant surprise. Welcome back!

  2. genevieve Says:

    congratulations on your impending harvest of red, ripe, rotund orbs. the only thing missing is a picture.

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