So as soon as I post about the successes in the garden, the worst storm of the season rolls through town.  I managed to rescue the chile plant when I saw it rocking back and forth in the pot.  The roots looked like there were going to come right out of the dirt.  I propped it up in a corner of the patio behind a chair and it was pretty safe from the rest of the storm.  The tomato, however, was a different story.

I can’t move the tomato so easily and one of the first things to happen was the tomato cage fell over, while trying to rip out the tomato.  Luckily the stem was not broken, it has happened before, and I was able to kind of prop it up on the fallen tomato cage for the rest of the storm.  The leaves are pretty battered by the hail, but no major damage is apparent.  We put the tomato cage back over the plant and reinforced it with two more pieces of wood.  I think it will stay put, now.

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