rogue squash

I believe there is a rogue squash down the street and I’ve been keeping my eye on it for a while now.  Ever since it put out a few squash/melon/cucumber-like leaves, I will check under the leaves every so often to see if there’s anything interesting going on.  It’s residing in some dirt between an empty house for sale and the street.  But, just the same, the street sweeper/gardener/concierge guys on my street are sometimes inclined to tidy up things like this.

I’m pretty sure we have a neighborhood squash plant, since there are now several yellow squash blossoms, but not enough to eat.  Maybe this is the start of my own personal community garden. (Can a person have a community garden alone?)

In other garden news, the chile serano has three open flowers and quite a few blossoms.  Every since the last big storm he’s growing a little sideways, but seems to be doing ok.  Adolfo’s father gave me three chile pods of a Tornachile and I am going to plant them as soon as I figure out where to put them.  I guess the side of the road is an option around here now.

The Health Kick Hybrid tomato has several buds on it and the tomato cage Adolfo and I made out of discarded tree parts (and modeled on my father’s wooden tomato cage) is holding up just fine.  I’m starting some Homesweet Hybrid seeds and hopefully they will be coming up soon.

The dill is infested with aphids again and has stopped growing at about two inches.  I’m going to rip it out.  I have not yet had a successful dill crop and I’m about to give up – except that it’s practically impossible to find dill in the market.

The onions are coming along, but don’t seem to be as happy as previous batches.  The lettuce is bolting and we have to eat it VERY SOON.

The gardenia for some unknown reason is very happy (!?!) and continues to bloom. It smells lovely.  And, the bougainvillea is recovering from a worm/unknown menace infestation and is refusing to bloom any more.  I’m doing my best to be convincing.

2 Responses to “rogue squash”

  1. nb Says:

    did you try dunking the dill in warm water with a bit of dish soap in? provided the pot is not too big, of course. needs to be done every day for a couple of weeks. I have one bougainvillea full of bloom and the other sitting right next to it with not one. side by side all summer, same watering, same fertilizer, same everything. not one bloom. huh.

  2. Barbara Says:

    Put a wire fence around that squash and everyone will know it is claimed!

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