Being a tourist in my own town

We are right in the middle of most people’s two week vacation.  Semana Santa started this past Monday and next Monday begins Semana Pascua.  Both the universities I work with are closed and my students are out exploring, so my job duties have also slowed considerably.  This is good since Adolfo’s sister and aunt were in town this past week for his mother’s birthday.  We were able to do a lot of touristy things, including shopping and eating all around town.

In the process we began to frequent a new cafe in the Colonia Americana.  La Cafeteria has been open for five weeks and seems to be going strong at this point.  In fact, they have been doing so much business that they ran out of quite a lot of their menu.  This, combined with a very charming and air-headed waitress, made for very interesting visits.  Adolfo’s sister says she is like Lisa Kudrow’s waitress character in Mad About You.  The highlight for me happened while trying to eat dinner one night.  We were told that they only had bagels for the bread option on their sandwiches and so we ordered a couple bagels with cream cheese and salmon, along with some sides.  First, she comes back to our table to change our sides, because what we ordered is no longer available, then she returns to tell us that some of the sides we ordered are in fact available.  Then she returns again to apologize that they had run out of ham.  We replied that this is  a shame.  She stays at our table, then says, did you want to get something else instead?  We reply that we had ordered salmon, and thought we would stick with that.  At this point, after the waitress leaves, Adolfo’s aunt declares that whatever the waitress wants to bring will be fine with her.  She brings out the sandwiches and only one is on a bagel, because she said they “found” some other bread in the back.  We are dumbfounded, but the food is really pretty good and in total, in the last week, we went three times to the cafe.  The deserts were particularly good and I am excited about trying more of the food, once they get their feet back on the ground.

The Cafeteria is on Libertad at Robles Gil.

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