Many things

Well, many things have been happening and not much writing has been done.

I have been stalking the dried fava beans at the abastos market and I finally got up the nerve and bought about two cups.  Tonight, I made soup from my Diana Kennedy book and I think it turned out really good.  Sadly, I also found out that Adolfo detests dried fava bean soup and would not even try a bite.

My job has been kind of nuts lately, but mostly in a good way.  Hopefully, I will soon be planning a trip to Xalapa.

I went for the first round of wedding dress shopping, which was kind of horrible.  The first shop was comically horrible.  First, when the shop ladies found out I was shopping for a wedding dress, there were yelps and squeals of fake congratulations.  Then, I tried to explain that it would be a casual affair and I was not interested in dresses with sequins, rinestones, or other plastic crap.  She responded excitedly that it was “my day” and as the bride, no matter how casual, I was supposed to “shine” (with rinestones, apparently).

Also, a friend is beginning to study for the GRE and this morning we met to work on vocabulary.  We are thinking good thoughts about a Fulbright grant to the New School in NYC.

While all this is going on, I’ve managed to kill off a tomato plant and encouraged an aphid invasion.  So, the garden is not in tip top shape.

There are many more plans in the works.

4 Responses to “Many things”

  1. Em Says:

    Ah Ah ! what is good is to discover about each other many years afters ! I like the story that you found out that Adolfo didn’t like your soup 😉
    For the dress… it is a nightmare.. I also went and asked for something “Not so bride” and they took their fish’s eyes and said “BUT YOU ARE the bride…” but I am sure you will find something in which you feel you and pretty ! And as they said it is your day, so you have to make it as you want !
    Good luck ! Em

  2. Beth Says:

    Good luck on the dress shopping. It is a challenge to find a dress that is not overly poofy, shiny or any of those other things.

  3. Monika Says:

    Good luck my friend. We did casual, but we had to go through layers of sequins to get there. In the end my dress was technically a bridesmaid dress. When I took Justin to take a look at it to see if he liked it too, you should have heard the gasps. I wonder how weddings would be different if it was thought of to be the Groom’s Day or, god forbid, the Couple’s Day!

  4. Barbara Says:

    tengo hambre para informacion

    (I’m sure this is wrong, but you get the gist!)

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