a quick trip to Missouri

Well, the new year has started as a hectic, whirl-wind of events.  We hosted some friends from San Francisco for a few days, attended a very nice wedding in Mexico City and I then received word that my grandfather was very sick.

I left  Mexico City for Missouri, and landed in a shocking cold front.  My grandfather passed away on January 13th and all of his grandchildren were able to attend the visitation and funeral.  I am sad, but it felt good to be with family.  I was also reminded by a friend today to be thankful for my current job (which I am) and had I been still with my previous job I would have had to fight to leave for a week (I would have quit on the spot).

I was able to spend a good amount of time with my grandma and we worked on a particularly frustrating jigsaw puzzle.  I wanted to have more time to look through the recipe box she showed me, but this visit wasn’t particularly conducive to reading recipes.

There was a lot of good food, stories and photos.  And, I am thankful for all of them.


2 Responses to “a quick trip to Missouri”

  1. Gilberto Says:

    Hi Della:

    I am happy that you could have seen your family again, even in those hard days. I can not say the correct words in English to tell you my feelings about that, but be sure that I am with you.

    I had a few days to re-practice this (very interesting) language in England and Ireland so, besides the fantastic trip, I had been very well.



  2. deeb Says:

    Thanks Gilberto, it was sad but nice at the same time. I hope you were able to understand the people in Ireland, sometimes it takes me a moment to get my head around the accent. But I think the it might be more difficult in Scotland. I think Scotland is the English speaking equivalent to Cuban Spanish. Which, I just don’t understand at all!

    Let me know when you go to England again, I have a friend who lives in London.

    Un abrazo,

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