a new taco spot

We tried a new taco spot last night and it was excellent. We have been casing this place for a while now. The puesto (term for a non-permanent place for something like tacos) is on the corner of a street we pass occasionally on our way to the center of town. Also, a friend once told us they were her favorite tacos in Guadalajara. We were warned that they often ran out of the best fillings early in the evening.

We arrived, after attending a reception at one of the schools where Adolfo teaches, at about 10:30. Which, I think, is prime taco-eating time. At this point, they were already out of cheek, but still had al pastor, asada, head, mixed (which could be anything), stomach and lips. (They use every part of the animal here.) Cheek is really good, so I was disappointed that they were out, but I ordered two asadas and two head tacos and Adolfo (who claimed to not be very hungry) ordered two mixed.

They were REALLY good. These tacos were better than our regular taco puesto. Although, the specialty of our favorite place is tongue and we didn’t see any tongue at the new place.

The puesto can be found at the intersection of Paseo de la Arboleda and El Sol in Colonia Jardines del Bosque an area of town designed by Luis Barragán.

4 Responses to “a new taco spot”

  1. Paul Says:

    So what is it that made them so good? The meat, the sauce, the anticipation, the company? What?

  2. deeb Says:

    It’s all about the flavor. Really good meaty flavor. Also, a good ratio of fat to meat – which goes back to flavor. I didn’t find the salsa to be exceptional. Good, but not exceptional. And, I usually pick off most of the chopped onions. When you buy tacos here, they will ask you: “with vegetables?” Which means: “onions and cilantro?” I always say yes, and then pick off most of the onions, or throw them onto Adolfo’s plate.

  3. Barbara Says:

    Cheek? Head? Lips? What animal are we talking about anyway?? I might be bringing my own food at Christmas!!

    • deeb Says:

      He, he, he! For the less adventurous, they had very good steak tacos. But, you would be missing out on the cheek!

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