What a night

We gathered with some friends and family to watch the returns on CNN tonight and eat some chicken wings.  My friend told me that we had to eat “gringo food” for the election night, so I made some nachos and we ordered wings.

But mid way through the evening, Adolfo’s mother arrived and told us that a plane had crashed in Mexico City and they thought the Interior Minister was on the flight.  (The Interior Minister is sort of like our Vice-President.)

So, we spent the evening watching the celebrations in the states and feeling hopeful, and the confirmation of the death of the Interior Minister in Mexico City and feeling stunned (he was 36 years old and a rising star in the PAN party).

What a night.


2 Responses to “What a night”

  1. transubstantial Says:

    saw that! we were watching the same CNN! assuming that you were watching CNN in spanish, of course. our party also alternated between hope and confusion (there was no sound on the tvs, so we could only read the screen to try and figure out what had happened exactly).

  2. deeb Says:

    We were alternating between CNN in English (for better state-side coverage) and ALL the other channels (for coverage of breaking national news).

    The conspiracy theorists are having a field day with this. I’ve heard everything from “The president ordered it” to “Narcos sabotaged the plane” to “The guy didn’t pay for plane maintenance”!

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