I’m in Xalapa, Veracruz, and enjoying a break from the city life. I’m here for work, but have managed to see some new things and even managed to buy some local organic coffee. Today we (my boss, a student, a professor and I) had lunch in a small town called Coatepec. Coatepec is a Pueblo Mágico (like Tapalpa) and is very picturesque and only about 30 minutes from Xalapa. We had lunch at a restaurant, which specialized in fish, which is not uncommon in Veracruz. The interesting thing was the particular fish in which they specialized was trout. I hadn’t had trout since I left the states and it was rather good covered in a guajillo chile sauce.

After lunch, we wandered around the pueblo and the others had some local ice cream (flavors of guanábana, macadamia nut and mamey) and stopped in a panaderia, which specialized in wood fired bread. It smelled fantastic. Later we wandered into a store advertising “productos ecologicos” and I bought a half-kilo of organic coffee. I am really excited about trying out the coffee.

I still have on my list a return to La Sopa to stuff myself with enfrijoladas. It’s good to have goals.


2 Responses to “Veracruz”

  1. Paul Says:

    We watched a FoodTV Throwdown that put Bobby Flay up against a couple of ladies from Guadalajara who now live in Nashville. The contest involved Paletas. Apparently Guadalajara is well known for Paletas and only men know and pass on the talent, which was one thing that made these sisters unique.

  2. AJ Burke Says:

    Huh. I guess that’s why you only ever see men walking around with paleta carts selling them on the street.

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