good thing I didn’t buy a new pot

We just had another hail storm. Hail storms are oddly common here. Just ask my parents who witnessed two hail storms in one week. Of course the hail is no bigger than peas and they melt within seconds, but it’s hail all the same. This evening the hail storm took the top off one of my tomatoes, which immediately solved a problem I was having.

I had an extra tomato seedling. I have 3 pots and I planted 4 tomatoes (more or less) and instead of one failing to come up, everything sprouted. Which only made me want to buy another pot. But, we have a pot-buying moratorium going on right now. So, I was just waiting around for the moratorium to be lifted, to find an abandoned pot (that never happens here), or to suddenly need another tomato plant for some reason. And, now I do!

Next, I need to pull up the lettuce which has started to bolt.


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