There are several green tomatoes now on the tomato plant and I’m in desperate need for more and bigger pots.  I have another tomato seedling that is ready to plant; it was to be my back up if the others didn’t sprout.  And, I would really like to plant it but I have no more pots.  Adolfo and I are on a spending moratorium and I have been cut off from my nursery habit.

I thought I was going to plant some dill in where the radishes were previously planted, but I read on the packet that each plant needs quite a bit of space and my gardening books say I should plant them 10-15 inches apart – my pot is about 8 inches across.

So, to get more bang for my buck/space, I planted a couple onion seeds where the radishes were.  I’m planning to eat them as green onions and I’m not really interested in them becoming bulbs – as they are rather cheap at the market, but green onions are hard to come by.  Which is also convenient, since I don’t have the space for them to become bulbs anyway.

While I was watering my plants this afternoon, I decided to throw another cup of dirt on the bougainvillea plant.  When I reached my hand down into my bag of dirt, I came dangerously close to an encounter with a very large spider.  Large, large, large!  I yelped and jumped back 10 feet, where I watched the spider calmly crawl further down into the bag.  So, there will be no new dirt for anyone.  Now what do I do?

What I really need is an actual garden plot of dirt.

And, I’m trying to get pictures, but every time the sun comes out and the garden looks great, Adolfo has taken off with the camera.

One Response to “Space”

  1. nb Says:

    you can plant that dill in the small pot, it just won’t become 4 feet tall. but do you really need a 4 ft dill weed? also you can plant several onion seeds in the small pot if you are harvesting them as scallions. Plant thickly and eat the thinnings as tiny little things. good for salads if you eat them as sprouts.

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