tomatoes and whatnot

So things are slowly resolving themselves, and not always in the ways I want them to be resolved, but questions are answered none-the-less.

I did not sell my car to Adolfo’s sister’s friend, but that resolves one issue. We are not getting answers from the Mexican Consulates (yes, multiple) in the US regarding a power of attorney for my father, in order to help us buy our apartment, but that just means that maybe my father will come and visit us soon so that he can sign the paperwork in person.

I got my visa amendment amended, yea! I am looking forward to next month when I get to start the visa renewal paperwork (blech). I also made my lawyer some cookies as a thank you and I just need to get over to her office to deliver them before they mysteriously disappear.

Also, and somewhat unrelated, it seems like everyone is moving, which strikes me as very interesting as I am desperately trying to stay in one place (specifically, buying our apartment) and Juli is heading to England, Wendo is heading to France, Max is heading to Ecuador. Usually, that’s my job! I’m the girl who moves!

I’m not jealous.

In gardening news, I have eaten all but one of the viable radishes (there is one that is so beleaguered that I do not believe it will survive whatever trauma I have bestowed upon it to produce an edible radish). And, I am debating on weather to sow the dill or the onion seeds. The lettuce is going well and I continue to pick the leaves that are getting big enough to go into a salad. But, the crowning achievement is that I have two very small green tomatoes on the tomato plant! There are lots of little yellow flowers and I am looking forward to picking some garden tomatoes soon.

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2 Responses to “tomatoes and whatnot”

  1. Em Says:

    I am also a moving girl… but see how it is good some time to stay a little while… to look around, take the time to know people, places… to enjoy !
    And to move all the time, after you have too much friends, and they are always so far !!!! Because of course, everybody wants to be our friends and love us because we are wonderful girls 😉

  2. Cali Says:

    It is weird not to move! This is the first year we haven’t moved in 5 years of marriage. Crazy hunh. I started to do the type of cleaning where you get to the cat fur at the back of the closet when I realized, hey! I’m not moving this stuff! (I still swiffered the cat hair but I feel somehow tricked.)

    Pictures of your plants?

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