Everybody’s doing it

Well, many things have happened since the last post. The parents came to visit and we had a great time touring the city and eating lots of good food. We all got sick, except Adolfo, and I ended up going to the doctor after they returned to Missouri. The doc told me that I had a stomach virus and gave me several medicines that brought me back to my feet in half a day. While he was writing out the list of drugs, he made an aside comment, “Well, it is the rainy season.”

Not only did my family get sick, but several of my friends got sick and one of Adofo’s friends got very sick…. We were not eating together!

One Response to “Everybody’s doing it”

  1. AJ Burke Says:

    You should have mailed some of your Mexican drugs to Mom, since it took her a week to recover.

    (Just kidding, DEA, if you’re monitoring WordPress. Which I’m sure you are.)

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