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Boca de Iguanas

July 31, 2008

Last weekend we took Friday off and headed out to the beach.  We decided to go camping at a beach that Adolfo had visited regularly throughout his childhood.  Unfortunately, the campsite of his youth was purchased by some developers and is being turned into a boutique hotel.  Fortunately, there is still another campsite called Boca Beach near where the old site stood.

So, we borrowed some gear (tent, sleeping bags, a cooler and other camping supplies) and headed out into the rain.  It rained most of the way to the beach, but once we hit Manzanillo the sky cleared and gave way to a brutal humidity.  And, the cornfields turned into banana fields and coconut farms.

Interesting thing about the banana farms – all the hanging hands of bananas I saw were covered in plastic bags.  Why?

When we arrived at the campsite we could see the beach.  We read the warning signs informing us that the campsite owners were not responsible for any damage caused by the natural falling of coconuts.  And, in a moment of genius, we opted for the more expensive campsite with a palapa.

We threw up the tents (a couple friends joined us on the adventure), changed into our swimsuits and headed into the ocean.  The water was fantastically warm.

We headed back to the campsite when we started to get hungry, and then the wind picked up and the sky became very dark.  We waited out the storm under the palapa (which actually kept us dry) but my friend’s tent was sadly permeable to water and most of her things were soaked.  After the storm, we assessed the damage and moved our tent under the palapa and moved my friend into our tent.  Finally, around 5pm we were able to eat some lunch.

I think I started making dinner almost immediately after we finished lunch, but the enfrijoladas again turned out spectacularly and are quickly becoming a new favorite of mine.  (Recipe coming soon)

Adolfo saw a coconut fall off a nearby palm and retrieved it so we could put the water in with the curry we were having for lunch the next day – excellent.  Unfortunately, the meat on the coconut was not that well developed, so we just used the water.

We went into the little town nearby (La Manzanilla, not to be confused with Manzanillo) and bought some fresh fish for lunch (fish curry with noodles) and frozen shrimp for dinner.

We chatted up the fish guy and he told us stories about living in the states for 13 years and the comparative benefits of driving a truck on the West Coast and selling fish at the cooperative of a fishing village.  His conclusion: Everybody has to work.

We did all the beach things you are supposed to do: we swam, built sand castles, collected shells, ate fish, took long walks on the beach and got sunburn in the places we forgot to put sun block (the place on the front of your shoulder, right above your armpits!).

tomatoes and whatnot

July 22, 2008

So things are slowly resolving themselves, and not always in the ways I want them to be resolved, but questions are answered none-the-less.

I did not sell my car to Adolfo’s sister’s friend, but that resolves one issue. We are not getting answers from the Mexican Consulates (yes, multiple) in the US regarding a power of attorney for my father, in order to help us buy our apartment, but that just means that maybe my father will come and visit us soon so that he can sign the paperwork in person.

I got my visa amendment amended, yea! I am looking forward to next month when I get to start the visa renewal paperwork (blech). I also made my lawyer some cookies as a thank you and I just need to get over to her office to deliver them before they mysteriously disappear.

Also, and somewhat unrelated, it seems like everyone is moving, which strikes me as very interesting as I am desperately trying to stay in one place (specifically, buying our apartment) and Juli is heading to England, Wendo is heading to France, Max is heading to Ecuador. Usually, that’s my job! I’m the girl who moves!

I’m not jealous.

In gardening news, I have eaten all but one of the viable radishes (there is one that is so beleaguered that I do not believe it will survive whatever trauma I have bestowed upon it to produce an edible radish). And, I am debating on weather to sow the dill or the onion seeds. The lettuce is going well and I continue to pick the leaves that are getting big enough to go into a salad. But, the crowning achievement is that I have two very small green tomatoes on the tomato plant! There are lots of little yellow flowers and I am looking forward to picking some garden tomatoes soon.

back on track

July 20, 2008

OK, I’ve gotten some things taken care of an am feeling a little bit less freaked out now. Work is taking up a lot of my time and the preparations for fall are going more or less smoothly. I need to make more cookies and some bread for breakfast, but those things will have to wait until the work is a little more stable and nailed down.

We are planning to go camping for a long weekend, hopefully next weekend, and I’m thinking of the things we might be able to eat while camping. I think that is going to count for our One-Year-in-Mexico anniversary celebration.

I keep thinking about making enfrijoladas and I want to see if I can replicate the success I had the first time I made them.


July 10, 2008

There are too many things going on here. And, unfortunately, my reaction to stress is that I want to sleep, lots.

What I should be doing, instead of excessive amounts of sleeping, is getting to work on some of these things. But instead I think I’m going to lay down and grind my teeth for a while. That will help, right?

In gardening news, I picked the first radish yesterday and it was really tasty. I sliced it really thin and threw it into some wasabi cucumber pickles. I’ve been harvesting the lettuce bit by bit and today I had fresh picked lettuce with tuna salad for lunch, with a side of wasabi pickles. The tomatoes are still lurching along. there are finally flowers on the bigger tomato plant and I was able to get some bamboo from the nursery (for free!) to stake the plant after it fell over in the latest thunderstorm.

Once I harvest all the radishes, I’m going to try my hand at dill. Maybe, in a couple months, I will be able to make some real dill pickles.

Everybody’s doing it

July 3, 2008

Well, many things have happened since the last post. The parents came to visit and we had a great time touring the city and eating lots of good food. We all got sick, except Adolfo, and I ended up going to the doctor after they returned to Missouri. The doc told me that I had a stomach virus and gave me several medicines that brought me back to my feet in half a day. While he was writing out the list of drugs, he made an aside comment, “Well, it is the rainy season.”

Not only did my family get sick, but several of my friends got sick and one of Adofo’s friends got very sick…. We were not eating together!