The rainy season is upon us.  For the last several nights it has been raining through the night and today it has been raining all morning.  And it has cooled off considerably.  I had to dig out a thin sweater this morning to wear over my short-sleeved shirt (it’s not that cold, I am wearing sandals).

I’m hoping this is what the lettuce was waiting for and it will take off and we will be eating home-grown salads in no time.

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3 Responses to “Rain”

  1. AJ Burke Says:

    It has been so dark and cold here with very little sun, we don’t feel like it’s summer at all. I mean, it’s mid-June and I’ve had to have my HEAT on all week!! Totally different than last summer here.

  2. Barbara Says:

    Be careful what you wish for. I haven’t had any luck with my lettuce this year. I think it was too much rain and too much overcast skies. I’ve only gotten one cut off of it, and it’s just sitting there about an inch tall doing nothing. We’re about 15 inches over on rainfall so far this year.

  3. Em Says:

    From Europe, my comment is exactly the same as Amanda’s ! This morning, I just decided to not go outside anymore, just a kind of protest to say NO !!!!! I want sun, and sun right now !
    But at least, you can fell a bit less alone ! 😉

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