This last week I was eating breakfast in a restaurant and was able to order fresh guanábana juice. The restaurant had kindly translated many of the items it was offering and had correctly translated guanábana as soursop.

Two thoughts occurred to me: the first of which was how much I enjoy guanábana juice or ice cream. They were one of the things I missed about Ecuador upon my return and I went through some sharp guanábana ice cream withdrawals. In fact, only recently was I able to have guanábana ice cream again. Wonderful stuff.

The second thought was: Who comes up with these names in English? Come on! Soursop juice? It just doesn’t sound that appealing. I’m blaming the British.

One Response to “Guanábana”

  1. Paul Says:

    I had to look this one up. If I was looking at the whole fruit, I think I’d pass.

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