This morning, I planted the last two tomato seedlings.  Which makes three tomatoes total.  A handful of radishes have come up and will hopefully survive the not so great dirt that they have been planted in.  The spinach is not happy and I am going to need to try it again with better dirt.  The temperature has warmed up considerably and we are regularly hitting the low 90s now.  My rosemary cutting has shot up a couple inches in the last few weeks.

In other news, we’ve been given the opportunity to buy our apartment.  We are so excited that both of us have been mentally rearranging various parts of our apartment.  Adolfo spent the first night after we got the price not sleeping because; as he said, he spent the whole night remodeling the kitchen.  I have been having daydreams about a grey-water system.  I think the tomatoes would be really appreciative.

We still have to see if we can actually scrape together the money to buy the place, before we can really implement these changes.

I didn’t make it to the Earth Day celebrations, but I did go back to the Ecotienda and found some biodegradable dish soap, some organic milk (descremada, which is close to light and not as fatty as whole), and some organic bagged salad greens from Ajijic.

The guy behind the cash register said that they usually have eggs and also seeds for planting, but didn’t have any at the moment.  Which just means that I will have to go back.

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