I think I’m getting closer to the organic milk I seek. With the help of a friend, I found an organic grocery (of sorts), which carries organic whole milk. I asked them if they would order some skim for me and the response was lukewarm, so we’ll see.

The Ecotienda is pretty small, but it carries actual food, there were potatoes and eggs, and other items of interest, such as biodegradable dish soap.

It seems like a good place to support.

There are lots of stores here called Naturalistas or selling Productos Soyas, but they seem to not have the organic twist, yet. Soy products are very popular and so are “natural” medicines. So many of these stores will carry a variety of soy products and isles and isles of teas, but usually nothing fresh. However, I do credit the natural medicine market for the reason I can buy fresh ginger at the grocery store. So, they’re not bad, just not exactly what I am looking for. Although, the chile based shampoo is very intriguing (and very expensive!).

On the way out of the store, the cashier handed me a flyer for Earth Day. I checked out their schedule and there is supposed to be an urban farming workshop, so I may go see what they have to say. I am pretty surprised there is an Earth Day celebration here, I’ll let you know if I check out the festivities next Saturday.

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3 Responses to “Ecológica”

  1. Paul Says:

    This made me think of the first Earth Day, April, 1970, We weren’t really sure what it was about but we were for it. I think we thought mostly about trees. Didn’t really think about global warming, etc. Didn’t really think it would continue and certainly not what it has become. Thanx for the memory.

  2. ajburke Says:

    The Portland Farmers Market opened this month! Mom and I went on Saturday and got rhubarb, rabb, green garlic, green onions, cauliflower, fresh bread, lavender pear jam, REAL butter, FRESH milk, homemade mascarpone, and some kind of soft artisan cheese. Drooling yet?
    After shopping we sat down to people- and dog-watch and split a large pecan cinnamon roll that we were happy to see didn’t have icing poured all over it, as well as two kinds of coffee (individually ground and dripped for each order) in which we poured some of our new fresh whole milk. Now I’ve made myself hungry. 😦

  3. Tomatoes « Al otro lado Says:

    […] Al otro lado daily life in Guadalajara « Ecológica […]

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