Container Garden

I was able to leave work about a half hour early on Friday and made it to the Nursery before it closed. Finally, I was able to pick up a couple pots and a bougainvillea. I planted one pot with spinach seeds and have another for when my tomato seedling out grows it’s 1 c. yogurt container.

Also, this week one of the rosemary cuttings started to perk up and I think it has sprouted some roots. The other cutting still looks really stressed and I’m not sure it’s going to make it.

The mint, of course, looks great and is making an attempt to take over the terrace from it’s rather small pot. The oregano is struggling along and I’m not sure what to do to make it happy. I’ve thought about trying to divide it or putting it in a bigger pot, but it just looks really constricted although I think it should have enough space (same sized pot as the mint).

Spring has sprung, here in Guadalajara. The trees are blooming and the people are sneezing.


One Response to “Container Garden”

  1. aj burke Says:

    I wanted something living and green in the apartment that was not a philodendrum (the only plant I can keep alive and healthy, but it is insulting, because someone in a coma could keep a philodendrum alive). The lady at the nursery told me a “strawberry begonia” would be a step up from the philodendrum but not too difficult to care for. It has been half-brown for months and it does not make me happy to look at it. I am resorting to plant-steriods. I went to the hardware store and got plant-food spikes to ‘juice’ its dirt. We’ll see. The nursery said if I killed it w/in 30 days I could get my money back, but it has lingered too long…

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