Lunchroom questions

On Friday, I was heating up my lunch and a co-worker, who I don’t know very well, asked me, “So what do people from the US eat?”

I thought, uh oh, I’m not going to give her an answer she will like, and said, “Do you mean, what am I having for lunch?”

She said yes and so I responded, “Well today I’m having Tortilla Soup.”

Probably not what people from the US are usually eating. I think she was disappointed that I was eating Mexican food, instead of something more exotic and interesting.

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One Response to “Lunchroom questions”

  1. Emilie Says:

    Here in France, many people think in US you only eat hamburgers, french fries… I am always very happy to say that me when I was in US, I really ate very good and healthy !!! Actually at home we didn’t have our own vegetables, in New Cambria we had, and Nancy was cooking all the time, and so on the rest of family !!! Maybe I was lucky, but in my memory now in US yes there is good food !! 😉 Tks to the Burke’s !!!

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