Drive through

There is an intersection that we pass regularly in our driving around town that takes us from our neighborhood to a major avenue, which traverses the city. At any time of the day or night you can buy things from your car at this intersection. I have noticed that the products tend to change depending on the time of day.

In the mornings and during the daytime, you can get your windshield washed; buy a phone card or a newspaper. I have purchased both newspapers and phone cards here. The windshield washers are a family, I think, and at least two of them are deaf. Also, there is an old woman asking for money is at this intersection during the day. I gave her a couple oranges once and she asked me where I was going, I told her I was going to the center of town and she told me she would bless the roads I would take. One time, I was asked if I wanted to buy a puppy. They were very small. I declined.

In the evening you can buy roses and calla lilies, or perhaps a bouquet. But, you can’t get your windshield washed and there are no more newspapers.

Very late in the night or early morning, depending on when you are coming home, the transvestite prostitutes come out. No more roses for sale.

2 Responses to “Drive through”

  1. aj burke Says:

    I know you know not to buy those puppies…there are more being bred where those come from. There has been a lot more enforcement at the border lately cracking down on people bringing in little dogs bred in Mexico to sell in the U.S., as in the U.S. you must have a license to breed and sell animals (though animals are still over-bred and unlicensed individuals are still out there…inspections and enforcements are not great). So, people are constantly trying to sneak in cute puppies and then they sell them in parking lots claiming that these are just a litter their family dog had, or that they found the puppies somewhere and just want to help them get good home. Not True. This is these people’s business. They will not be getting the ‘family dog’ fixed so that it doesn’t happen again; they want it to happen again and will force it to happen again.
    It is the blog of a beagle rescued from a VA puppy mill who was blind, over-bred, and living with tumors, arthritis and other conditions. She was dying a slow, painful death in the hands of these breeders. As her blog progresses, she gets the medical attention she needs and the love she deserves.

  2. aj burke Says:

    That link is supposed to be

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