I’m in a struggle with my local Gigante Supermarket. I want them to actually stock the things that I buy regularly. I’m not asking them to order things that they don’t usually stock (like tofu). I’m asking them to keep bread and milk on the shelves.

Granted, they have bread and milk, but I’m not buying Pan Bimbo and Lala milk. I want them to keep the only acceptable sandwich bread (it crumbles when you bite it) and the reduced fat organic milk on the shelves. Obviously people are buying these items, as they frequently run out.

So now, I’m participating in a battle of wills. Every time I go to the supermarket I ask for the manager who makes the orders and I ask her to, once again, order these items. She responds that on Monday (I’m there on the weekends) she will call the distributor. And, I respond by asking her to double the order of milk. The milk comes in a Tetra Pak box and is shelf stable. So, there is no risk of her order spoiling, and in fact she would sell more. She responds that she will call the distributor on Monday, and informs me that they are under new management. (There is no promise of doubling the order.)

Sadly, this is the only supermarket where I have seen this kind of organic milk. The other kind comes in a super fancy, costly plastic bottle and is significantly more expensive.

These are not the only things that come and go at the super. I was, for a time, able to get good Dijon mustard, but, not anymore. I didn’t complain to the manager about this, as I would rather put my efforts toward focusing her on the milk.

I made bread this weekend in order to survive the bread shortage. At least I can make bread.

2 Responses to “Super”

  1. aj burke Says:

    Can’t keep a cow on that huuuuuge balcony of yours?

  2. Paul Says:

    Right, pick your battles.

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