Much better

I’m practically completely recovered. I now have a “little cough” instead of what was earlier this week “is that part of my lungs?” We went to Adolfo’s family doctor on Tuesday morning, in order to make sure I wasn’t developing bronchitis – and I am not. He asked me many of the same questions and some questions I was not expecting – “Do people smoke in your office?” (The answer, thankfully, is no.) He also did not ask some questions, like if I had an allergy. Interesting.

All in all a very good experience, we were the first people to have an appointment at 9am and met the doctor in front of the building. We walked in and sat down with him and talked for about 30 minutes, no secretary, no forms, no waiting in the little room with nothing to read. He recommended 3 kinds of pills (not antibiotics) and we went to the pharmacy and bought them (no prescription). The pills are GREAT! My cough slowed down considerably and the next day I went back to work.

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