Still here

Nothing like a few visitors to make the blogging fall to the background. But, the photography is still happening and you can see some of the Christmas cooking for yourself.

Adolfo’s brother when back home a few days ago, but his sister is here for another week. We are trying to convince them both to move back as soon as possible.

Part of the convincing has taken the form of food: sopes, enchiladas, posole, quesadillas, cocteles de camarones, tacos, tortas de pavo, chilequiles, sopa de tortilla, tortas ahogadas and dogos (near relatives of the Sonoran dogs).

I don’t know about them, but I’m convinced.

Also, we have tried several coffee shops and the local (German?) microbrewery. It’s called Der Krug Brauhaus and there’s sauerkraut on the menu. Although, we just stuck to the beer and home fries, next time I think we’ll sample the menu.

Tonight, for dinner I’m going to try out Rick Bayless’s recipe for Pescado a la Veracruzana using fish fillets.

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