Adolfo’s brother arrived the other day and today we are cooking the turkey.

Yesterday, we had breakfast in the center of town at a restaurant that we had previously only seen in Mexico City. It’s called Los Bisquits Bisquits Obregon and it’s the only place I know in Guadalajara where you can get Café con Leche like they make in the southeast part of the country (like Veracruz). Café con Leche is more than just coffee with milk, a small amount of coffee concentrate (like a room temperature double-strength espresso) is poured into a tall glass. Then the waiter or waitress pours steaming hot milk from about two feet above the glass in a thin stream so that the milk froths in the glass. It’s delicious.

After breakfast, we decided to walk around the center a little and we stopped in the cathedral, which was packed. Unbeknownst to me, the cardinal was giving mass and everyone in town showed up. There were lots of seminarians in the back of the cathedral in their fancy white smocks and black dresses (I’m sure these articles of clothing have specific names). Once again, I felt like some of my more catholic relatives need to come visit me and fill me in on the details.

We spent about 5 minutes in mass looking at the backs of the heads of about half the population of Guadalajara and then snuck back outside. I never did see the cardinal.

We wandered into the Governor’s Palace to take a look at Hidalgo. And then over to the Regional Museum and checked out some pottery, buggies and a photo exhibit of Bolivian miners (not exactly regional, but interesting nonetheless).

After our little post-breakfast wander, we drove over to Vallarta Avenue and walked on the Vía Recreativa. The avenue is closed to cars on Sunday mornings and the bikes, skaters, and pedestrians take over. Then we sat at an outdoor café overlooking the avenue and had a beer. It was very nice.

In the evening we went out to La Morenita for posole, tostadas de panela, a torta ahogada and some enchiladas. Very tasty.

Today we are staying home, for the most part, and making turkey all day. I’m going out to see if we can find a scrabble game to entertain us.

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  1. aj burke Says:

    Helloooo….que pasa en Mexico? Are Elena and Adrian still in town?

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