Bus Update

So the bus excitement has kind of tapered down. A few things have contributed to this, not the least of which is that getting to work is becoming more routine. I changed where I get on the bus and now I’m only using one bus line, instead of trying to get on 3 different lines which wouldn’t stop.

The original bus stop was good because three different bus lines would pass that could conceivably get me to work. The bad thing about this bus stop was that it was immediately after a huge intersection/shopping mall any many times, during rush hour the buses were so full that 4 or 5 would pass me before one would stop. And, sometimes I would be at the bus stop for half an hour before I could get on a bus. So that needed to end – stinking bus not stopping was cutting into my sleep!

Anyway, now I’m getting the bus before the big intersection/mall and the one bus line that passes, almost always stops. (I think in two weeks maybe one or two buses didn’t stop.)

Because I’m only taking one bus line to work, this has cut down the variety of bus drivers, and I’m now seeing the same guys day after day.

The ride home still has a bit of diversity to it. I have recently been very interested in the bus decoration which includes the fuzzy steering wheel covers on other items. So far, I have never seen a fuzzy steering wheel cover on an actual steering wheel. One example would be, fuzzy steering wheel covers around a gold covered Jesus on the crucifix. I think it has the same effect as if the driver put a fake fur stole around Jesus’s neck. That bus driver is on my regular ‘to work’ rotation.

The most interesting decoration lately, I only saw once. Fuzzy steering wheel covers around kleenex boxes mounted on the ceiling! (Disco fever? Anyone?) I smiled all the way home.


2 Responses to “Bus Update”

  1. aj burke Says:

    Have any of the drivers re-decorated for the holidays? Of course, they already quasi-creches on their dashes year-round…

  2. deeb Says:

    I haven’t seen anything extra special recently, but the rest of town has really upped the ante.

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