Shopping, shopping, shopping

For some reason, I’m in a shopping mood right now. I think I can place the blame for this irrational behavior in several places – so that you know that it is totally not my fault.

First, FIL – book shopping heaven – has made me realize that I really do need more books. Thanks FIL!

Second, Louise – my “friend” sent me an Internet coupon for the Ann Taylor store, which she is well aware is my mortal weakness. This is combined with the fact that I really (no really) don’t have enough office clothes. I have enough weekend clothes, but I’m sorely lacking in the office-ware department. I REALLY covet the clothes on the Ann Taylor web site – and I know they fit me. Evil Louise!

And third, we desperately need a sofa before the Christmas visitors arrive. We just have to have one. There is only so much sitting around the kitchen table you can do before you want to stretch out on the sofa and relax. When we have someone over to stay, the futon (our stand-in sofa) becomes the guest bed. And, yes, we actually drag it into another room for this occasion. (We though it rude to make Adolfo’s mother sleep in the living room and have the sun blazing in on her at 7:30am. The guest room has curtains.) For Christmas, we are hosting Adolfo’s brother and sister, so we need more places to sit.

Also, I’d like a new refrigerator, but I think that one is far in the future. I’d be happy to window-shop some new refrigerators.

So that’s it for now, the FIL hasn’t ended yet, my pants don’t fit and I have no place to sit.

It’s really not my fault I’m going to be broke soon!

3 Responses to “Shopping, shopping, shopping”

  1. Beth Says:

    I have been in a shopping mood too! It must be the time of year. I blame mine on Maci. I hadn’t purchased myself pants since I was pregnant so that has been like 2 years! And the fun things they have for her…how do you keep from buying it? And I too was just thinking I need to join a book support group. I have been buying every kid book that is a “deal” and I don’t think I can stop. I think I am the reason there is a rise in internet shopping!

  2. Weezo Says:

    Hey! I was just trying to share the love. =)
    Admit it, you loved it.
    I’m glad I played in a part in revitalizing the economy! j/k

  3. deeb Says:

    I do appreciate the love. And, I was drooling over some corduroy pants for a while.

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