The FIL begins tomorrow. The FIL is the Ferria Internacional de Libros, that’s right, it’s the International Book Fair! Woo!

I am told that it is the largest book fair in the Americas and some say it is second only to the book fair in Frankfurt, Germany. Em may need to comment on this as she is the only person I know who has been to the book fair in Frankfurt.

I’m hoping to spend all my Christmas money before it even arrives. (ok, maybe I can restrain myself a little.) Adolfo’s mother arrived last night and tomorrow the plan is: all book fair, all the time.

I have the newspaper insert and soon I will get my official FIL schedule and will need to sit down and make a plan. There will be lectures and concerts and expositions and movies and lots and lots of books.

Each year there is a regional special emphasis, which is called the “Invited Country” or region. This year’s invited country is Colombia. So, there will be lots of Colombian writers giving lectures and books about Colombia or by Colombians. Also, there will be concerts by Colombian bands (oh, like, Aterciopelados), Colombian food, etc.

That’s not to mention all the other non-Colombian events and presentations. Elena Poniatowska is going to present her new book called “Amanecer en el Zócalo” about the 50 days of strikes in Mexico City after the last election.

Adolfo says that in the past, they would walk up and down the expo hall full of books for days on end. Which sounds just about perfect to me. It lasts a week, so if you don’t see me around, you know where I am.

4 Responses to “FIL!”

  1. Paul Says:

    I hate book fairs! All they cause is misery. Your money’s gone, your car is full of books sliding around and your bookcases, don’t get me started…..

  2. aj burke Says:

    Sounds great! If you can’t have Thanksgiving, this is a fair substitute, fun-wise.
    Although the millions of books around do cause you to break many of the 10 commandments (lust, envy, coveting [your neighbor’s books?], gluttony [if you’re lucky]…).

  3. Emilie Says:

    Wrong ! I have never been to Frankfurt bookfair… as I am not the manager, at this stage, bookfairs (Bologna or Frankfurt) are just terrible for, as I have to book hostels, which are so expensive, and I am not really interested in this part of my job 😉 But I am ba bit like Paul, for us it is just like a big library… all publishers from around the world are there… but for publishers, this is the “jackpot” to try to sale projects to co-publishers, and have better prices for the production. And for me, it is the opportunity to propose to publishers some new concepts ! So means lot of work ! And alos in this big fair you will see thousands of Asian printers who wants to have the business… I even guess Asia is still cheaper than South America for printing and binding 😉

  4. deeb Says:

    Oh Paul, you are so wise. As we staggered home on Sunday night, after two full days of FIL, our feet hurt, our backs hurt and we are broke.

    However, I did score the La Rousse Mexican cookbook which is going to be very exciting if I can pull myself away from the book fair enough to read it.

    I’ll post more updates soon.

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