Movie popcorn

One of the differences that I’ve encountered with food here in Guadalajara involves going to the movies. This past Sunday, we went to the University of Guadalajara’s movie theater, which like any good university movie theater shows odd foreign flicks and random documentaries. It’s great!

We went to see a documentary about a fantastic piano player (Martha Argerich). Unfortunately, we didn’t know that we were seeing a double feature and the second movie was so bad that we walked out in the middle. Neither of us had ever left a movie in the middle, but this one was awful and ruining our good movie vibes from the documentary.

When we go to the movies here, we always get snacks. We never got snacks in the states. The snacks in the states are gigantic, costly and don’t taste very good, in our opinion. However, the movie snacks here are really good. (We have only been to 2 movie theaters here and both are independent. If we went to the Cineopolis, we might have a different experience, I don’t know.)

Adolfo gets the peanuts, which come salted and with some dried chile de árbol in the mix. Somewhat dangerous after the lights go down, as you cannot just grab a handful and toss them in your mouth for fear of biting into a fearsome chile.

I go for the popcorn. The popcorn is made without salt and when you get your small sized bag of popcorn (one size only and it’s just enough for me) you move down to the condiments. On your popcorn you can put lime juice, hot sauce and salt! I’ve dabbled in the lime juice and salt or hot sauce and salt, but never all three. It is just about the best pop corn you could want, no fake butter, no extra-super salty and just the right amount. Oh, and it only costs 10 pesos (1 dollar).

Snacks and a good movie, what more could you want.

One Response to “Movie popcorn”

  1. Paul Says:

    Next time you’re around, you’ll have to try my tobasco popcorn. I need to figure out how to get the lime in.

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