The embodiment of a stereotype

The party was a great success and lots of very good people came to our house. For the occasion, Adolfo hung the art on the walls and we bought wine and martini glasses. I made Calico Crumb Cake. Now it actually looks like we live here.

I also learned about a new stereotype – Gringas are known for their excellent baked goods.

I had no idea.

I do like to make cookies and I’ve made a few Calico Crumb Cakes since we arrived. I’m also constantly making the Protein Bars (Granola Bars). And, I am happy to share with whomever is passing through. I think the reaction I have been getting is hilarious; our friends went NUTS about the cake. I sent home two of them with a plate of cake each after watching them hovering over the cake pan and telling me that I should really consider selling cake as a business, between mouthfuls. (I didn’t tell them that Calico Crumb Cake is really the only cake I consider myself any good at making.)

Another friend confessed that when I send a little bag of the Choc-oat-chip cookies home with her husband, she told her children that these were the kind of cookie that they didn’t like. And, she didn’t give them any! Apparently, her children are still at the age that they believe their parents when they say, “you won’t like it.”

We also began working out a plan for Thanksgiving. I had actually not thought about Thanksgiving at all, but our friend from France asked me what plans I had and he said he wanted to have Thanksgiving and we could do it at his apartment. Yea for the French! Now, the trick is – how do we find a turkey for sale when it is not Christmastime?

3 Responses to “The embodiment of a stereotype”

  1. Cali Says:

    My mom gave me this book and it’s AWESOME! I am trying to make every recipe in it and take notes in the margins:

  2. deeb Says:

    Ha! Your mother already gave me that book and it’s on my bookshelf right now.

  3. Beth Says:

    Okay I have the same book – I beleive from the same source! I really like the cashew cookies – Aunt Mary made them for us when Maci was in the hospital the first time. She claimed her oven didn’t work this last time…

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