The dangers of Mexican food

Every day on my way to work I walk past an elementary school. Since I’m walking by at 8:15am, class has already started and everyone is inside. However, lurking just outside the gates of the school lies – The Tamale Man.

By the time I get to him, the Tamale Man is almost out of tamales and is doing some drive by business, but is mostly chatting with the guards in front of the school. He is very friendly.

What am I supposed to do? I pass him every day and can buy a tamale for breakfast or two for lunch and it will cost me 7 or 14 pesos (yep, thats a filling lunch for less than $2 USD) (in Spanish it’s actually one tamal and two tamales)

He has red (meaty), green (meaty and a little bit spicy), queso con rajas (cheese and strips of poblano peppers) and a really scary looking strawberry flavored tamale (they are BRIGHT PINK).

I’ve only tried the red and green so far and they are really tasty.

I can’t eat tamales for breakfast and lunch every day, no matter how much yoga I say I will do. What a conundrum.

2 Responses to “The dangers of Mexican food”

  1. Jermany Says:

    That’s totally unfair. I work at 3 different elementary schools and none of them have a tamale man working in front of them. What is up with that?

  2. deeb Says:

    heh, heh, heh….

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