Holy bread in the streets (batman)!

I had a jaw dropping experience earlier this week.

Adolfo and I were driving to the hotel of a friend (my first visitor!) and at an intersection there were guys selling things, lots of things. This is normal.

One guy was selling things that looked to me like something for the kitchen, rectangular with holes in them. The holes were all the same size, about 1-2 inch diameter. And, the guy was yelling “oblea” so I asked Adolfo what these things were, thinking they were for the kitchen and I might need one.

Adolfo said they are “obleas” (like I knew what that was), I said, tell me more…

He said, you know when the priest gives the communion and they give you the little bread, this is the left over part.

I said “WHAT!”

He said the priest does not bless this part of the bread and people buy it for snacks.

I was stunned. I’m learning so much about Catholicism in Mexico. I also thought, I wonder what they do with the left over parts in the US? They certainly don’t sell them in the streets. But, I’m thinking an after-church snack wouldn’t be a bad idea!

3 Responses to “Holy bread in the streets (batman)!”

  1. Beth Says:

    Is this after everyone has picked off a piece. Is this germy bread? Or is that only at my church?

  2. barbara Says:

    As a semi-Catholic, all I can say is our ‘bread’ isn’t even bread. It’s very, very thin, spongy waferish stuff. Wouldn’t want to snack on it.

  3. deeb Says:

    Beth – yes, only your/our(?) church has the germy bread. Why do you think we sit in the front row?

    Barbara – not having ever tasted the Catholic style bread, I can’t say I’ve ever heard any of the Catholics I know say, “Gee, I could really go for some more of those wafers.” What I usually hear is that they stick to the roof of your mouth. But, I guess if I were curious enough, I could buy some from the vendor.

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