I’m working on a hypothesis right now. So far, I’ve only had 3 bus rides to test my hypothesis, which is not a large enough sample size to draw any sort of conclusions.

Here it is:

There is a correlation between the craziness of the bus driver’s driving and the size of his Jesus.

Since the sample size only consists of 3 rides, I’ll describe the driving and the Jesuses (Jesi?)

1. Crazy, crazy driving
– we were weaving pretty fast and stopping pretty hard in the first place, and then we clipped another bus while passing it at a stop sign! The other bus passed us back and then blocked my bus and stopped. The driver of the other bus got out (he was blocking both lanes of traffic when he did this) and came onto my bus where he proceeded to berate my bus driver, who in turn handed him some money to repair his side mirror. My triceps are sore today from holding on.

Jesus – extra large (foot and a half or two foot) Jesus on a HOT PINK CROSS! Also, there was a bloody crown of thorns Jesus decal on an interior window.

2. Calm driving – this morning my bus driver was rather average and nothing exciting happened.

Jesus – modest-sized, gold colored Jesus on a cross with some rosary beads.

3. Calm driving
– there was some extra horn honking, but nothing too excessive. No excitement.

Jesus – 6 inch Jesus bust (from the shoulders up), nothing too elaborate.

Well, this is all I have for now, I can’t draw conclusions at this early date, so I’ll keep looking out for more samples.

2 Responses to “Hypothesis”

  1. barbara Says:

    ha-ha. If you ever get on the bus and the driver is dressed as Jesus I suggest you get right back off!!

  2. aj burke Says:

    That’s too funny, Barbara. 🙂

    Della, maybe the hypothesis works because the bad drivers KNOW they need bigger religious icons to watch over them. The other drivers are not so insecure, so they are ok with their small saviors.

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