Sneaking out the trash

We have a concierge in our building. There are 4 apartments for tenants and one more apartment for a guy, and his family, who helps care for us and the building. We pay him every other month for all the work he does: sweeping, scrubbing the stairs, maintaining the plants and trees, keeping the building in gas and water service, general vigilance.

He is a really good guy and also does some things that we consider extra. If he’s around when I come home from grocery shopping, he will help me bring up all my bags. If we need help with something and he’s around, he’ll offer to help, sometimes we accept if we really need the help.

The people who live below us, apparently, do not think these things are extra and we have seen him washing their car and we saw them ask him to change their flat tire, while they stood around and watched! This makes us uncomfortable. The people below us make us uncomfortable in general, but that’s another story.

This weekend when we were coming home from somewhere, he stopped us at the door and told us that the owner of the building has asked him to take out everyone’s trash. We are to leave our trash in the stairwell, and he will deposit it in the bin.

Hmm… The trash bin (functions like a dumpster) sits in front of the apartment and is basically on the way out the door. All our trash is in small grocery bags, we have no large kitchen trash, so the trash goes out often. We think this is crossing the line. There is no reason why we cannot take out our own trash.

So, on Monday morning I sneaked out the trash and deposited it in the bin myself on my way to the bus. Carefully avoiding our concierge, I thought, now this is a strange new experience!

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