Royal breakfast

MMMMM,… tortas ahogadas for breakfast this morning….

(check the photos) My hands still smell like chiles. This was an especially good breakfast because after one full week of work, I started to feel a little bit ill and developed a runny/stuffy nose. So, what was needed for breakfast was spicy pork sandwiches!

This is one of the foods that exiled tapatios miss when they are away. A friend of ours in Mexico City will come to town every once in a while and he tries to eat tortas ahogadas when he’s here.

Other notes from the week:

It makes me smile to see a very respectable-looking little old lady in front of me in line at the supermarket on Friday buying a very nice bottle of tequila and a bag of chicharones (pork rinds). I made up all kinds of stories in my head about what she was up to on a Friday evening. And, don’t write in the comments that she was taking them home to her husband, that’s not very interesting!

I’m getting a bit adventurous about the kinds of chiles I use. Last night, I made a spaghetti sauce with some ground meat, mushrooms and spinach with a chopped pasilla chile and a chipotle chile in adobo sauce. It was really lovely, not overly spicy, but with a nice little kick at the end.

There appear to only be guavas on trees here, I cannot find them at the grocery store or with the vegetable guy. There is plenty of guava juice in boxes, not the same.

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