Check it out – Adolfo posted the tree photos.

Also, you should take a look at the Flag-Mobile. That’s my personal favorite. Leading up to Independence Day there were all kinds of people selling flags. And, sometimes you would see these guys biking down the street with all the flags flying. It was a very moving sight!


5 Responses to “Trees”

  1. aj burke Says:

    I think I forgot to tell anyone that one night this summer I was out at night in downtown Portland and literally HUNDREDS of naked people went past me on bikes. I just happened to be out on the night of the famous annual naked bike ride. I tried to take pictures with my cell phone, but I just got blurry flesh colors – they were going too fast. They probably wanted to get done and get their clothes back on.

  2. Emilie Says:

    mumm… nice place to meet people in Portland 😉 a bit scary but interested !

  3. A2 Says:

    Ok Amanda, I am lost… explain to me what is the relation between destroyed, mutilated trees and fast naked people in bicycles down the street??

  4. aj burke Says:

    Because she said there were guys biking down the street with flags flying!

  5. barbara Says:

    Apparently the people in Portland had other things flying!!

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