Apartment Hunting?

Hmm, we just finished moving. We haven’t hung any pictures on the walls. We went and looked at an apartment this weekend.

Why? Well, we are in a bit of a strange situation. We are living in a friend’s apartment. We are not yet paying rent, because he told us not to worry about it, he’s a super-fantastic friend, and we can’t afford to pay rent right now anyway. We need to start paying rent somewhere, and we are afraid that we cannot afford the apartment where we are currently staying. We especially need to pay rent as soon as I start getting a paycheck. Which, as we all know, hasn’t happened yet.

Adolfo found out that the sister of a friend of his brother’s (are you following) is leaving the country for 10 months and wants to sublet her apartment. So, we went to see it.

The pros are: good location, quiet neighbors, decent inside/outside space (2 very small balconies and two patios), two good-sized bedrooms, marble tile floors, lots of closet space, washing machine, all appliances and major furniture will stay in the apartment and it’s CHEAP!

The cons are: ACK! Moving again! And then 10 months later – ACK! Moving again!, no parking spaces, it’s a little dark compared to where we are now, and the kitchen is awful (It would be the smallest and most inconvenient kitchen I have ever had. I don’t even know where I could chop an onion in this kitchen.), oh my goodness, the kitchen is awful.

So, we decided we are not going to take it. But, the good thing about all this is that we are seeing what else is out there for when we really do need to move. We know that finding a place with a good kitchen is going to be a challenge. And, we have a pretty good kitchen right now (despite the oven).

6 Responses to “Apartment Hunting?”

  1. Beth Says:

    Moving again! I don’t EVER want to move again, however, I need to own the house I am in before I can say that! I can sympathize, but didn’t you sell all your belongings and so far it looks as if you have only purchased a couple books and a yoga mat. So you should be able to pick up with the drop of a hat and move on! Well, I say move before you acquire any more stuff.

  2. deeb Says:

    pretty much true

    We have the kitchen stuff, 6 tons of books (I managed to find a guy with a book habit as bad as mine), and a bed we got for free after we arrived.

    We have discussed the not having furniture, so lets move sooner rather than later, plan. I’ll let you know how it goes….

  3. aj burke Says:

    Ugh. I understand how you feel, of course. My apt is not anything like I was hoping for, but it was hard to get an apt here at all. I would really, really, like to be in a place that has closet space, more kitchen space, a balcony for the cat(s), a stove with 4 working burners, and a fridge that doesn’t freeze everything (the frozen hard-boiled egg was pretty cool, though; like a strange geode). Yes, I turned down the dial inside the fridge. It’s on level 1 out of 10, and it’s still freezing things. Also my landlords don’t know what to do about the stove or the fridge, AND they gave me paint to touch-up my walls (myself, of course – I am the only reliable worker around here) and the paint was _not at all_ the same color! They told me later that they buy the paint as ‘leftovers’ somewhere and can’t guarantee a match with previous batches.
    Yet, I do not even want to THINK about moving again anytime soon! What a crappy situation.

  4. deeb Says:

    I think if you fill your fridge with more stuff, it might not freeze it as much. I don’t know what to tell you about the rest, except I think i would give up on the paint touch ups. Not worth it, I think.

  5. Jermany Says:

    Yeah moving again is not so fun. But the question is do you have good help, because what is less fun is moving again without good, strong, able-bodied friends and relatives. Because if you have that it’s not so bad.

  6. aj burke Says:

    I think Jeremy is volunteering to come to Mexico to help you move again! 😉 heh, heh!

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