Yoga for people who are stressed out while waiting for their visas

I think that book is yet to be written.

I just got back from driving all over town. I bought a book on yoga and a yoga mat. So after I recover a bit from the drive (the round-abouts are really nerve wracking) and have a glass of juice, I might try out some yoga in my bedroom.

I also went to the English language bookstore yesterday and I got “Portuguese Irregular Verbs” by that guy who writes the #1 Ladies Detective series. It’s a pretty small book, but I think it will keep me amused for a few moments.

Tomorrow, I am going with Adolfo to see a lecture by some Spanish architect (we’ll see if I can understand anything he says – I find Spaniards have an accent that is particularly difficult for me) and then we are racing across town to try and catch the end of an art exhibit opening. Then we are heading back to the same bar as last weekend for the “after party” with the artist. One of Adolfo’s friends is also the director of the organization that represents this artist.

Hopefully, it will be fun. I get a little starved for social activities by the middle of the week. So, having a night out usually helps me feel like I’m actually living in this city, instead of just hanging out in my apartment (which is a lot like any other apartment I’ve had, only much, much bigger) waiting for my visa.

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