This afternoon, I raced around the city collecting and filing paperwork and standing in bank lines. I was finally able to submit my documents and payment in order to get my visa changed. This is good. I haven’t been sleeping well because of all the waiting for paperwork business and I hope this will help lower the stress level.

The lawyers tell me that they hope it will take less than 10 days for my visa to be changed and then we have to submit more paperwork and pay another fee to get the work permit. That may take an additional 10 days. The slow pace is killing me!

I’ve been finding myself getting angry, again, at the stupid US passport agency. Had I been able to apply for the visa in the states, I would only have to apply for the work permit now. RAR! And yet, I appear to be unable to change the past. (“Let it go,” says the chorus in my head.)

So, realistically, I may not be back at work until October.

I think I’m going to buy a Yoga book at the books store. That will solve all my problems, right? (“Buying more books always helps,” says the chorus.)


3 Responses to “Impatient”

  1. Cali Says:

    buy more books! buy more books! yeah!
    Thats my spending spree cheer. I’m so jealous. If I was there I would totally go with you.

  2. barbara Says:

    perhaps a self-help book to get rid of that chorus!! ha-ha

  3. nb Says:

    I’m reading a bio of John Soane, british architect, so here’s the description:

    “For the rest of his life he could always find pleasure in books; when he travelled he made straight for the bookshops; when he felt unhappy he rearranged his shelves or BOUGHT MORE VOLUMNES. He liked nothing better than to design a library for a favorite client.”

    I’m prettty sure he must be a relative.

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