Recipes for down-home Mexican cookin’

Part 1 of 2

Not really, those recipes are way to involved for us right now. Here are some things that we’ve made in the recent past (parts 1 and 2). By way of disclaimer: they may include ingredients that are either difficult to find, or expensive for those of you in colder climates or locations with a very small Mexican population (perhaps, France or Japan).

Side of the road salad

(not really a title, but it’s what I think of when I want this salad)

I’ve never seen this salad on a menu. In fact, I’ve only ever seen this salad being sold out of little carts on the side of the road or in a small parking lot, think hot-dog vendor-style. Adolfo thinks it’s too dangerous (illness-wise) to buy this from the guys at the corner. Who, by the way, are always busy and seem to have a following. (I’m a bit more of a risk-taker in this department, but I still haven’t tried their wares.)

1 mango, peeled and cut in large dice
1 cucumber, peeled and cut into medium sized matchsticks
1 smallish jícama, peeled and cut into medium sized matchsticks

Combine with the juice of 1 large (or 2 small) lime(s), about 1/2 t. salt (good salt, if it makes a difference), and 1 t. of your best chile powder (or to taste). I used some Chile de Árbol powder when I made this yesterday.

(chile as opposed to chili, which is a mixture of spices, chile powder is a ground up dried chile pepper, if you have no choice go with the chili powder)

I didn’t measure the salt or the chile powder when I made it, and the guys at the corner don’t measure anything either.

More recipes and descriptions coming soon….

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