Explaination of the lunch-time accident

Juli wants to know more about the fender-bender, but my response and explanation are took long for the comments section, so I’m making it a new entry:

When we got to the corner where the accident occurred, a policeman was there. The people involved in the accident were moving the cars to a side street. The police took the registration and identification papers from both parties. Then, everyone starts calling their insurance companies and anyone else they know who might be helpful (the guy’s brother worked for the Transportation Department, so he was trying to get a hold of him). The police, call for more police, and everyone discusses the situation.

After about 45 minutes, one of the insurance companies shows up. They fill out paperwork and take photos. Everyone discusses the situation.

Later, the other insurance company arrives. They fill out paperwork and take photos. Everyone discusses the situation.

The police say they want to impound the car of the friend because he doesn’t have his license. The guy finally gets a hold of his brother. The brother can’t come to the scene, but will send a co-worker. The police discuss the situation.

I proceed to get a nasty sunburn (pasty white girl). We discuss the situation.

The insurance company guys discuss the situation and try to come up with an agreement between them (the car owners are not involved in this conversation).

Finally, the insurance company guys stamp all the paperwork and decide that each will pay for their own client’s car repairs – both parties are at fault. And, they leave.

The police still have the IDs and are threatening to impound the car.

Finally, they decide that the brother’s co-worker doesn’t need to show up and they will give back the IDs and papers. They decide not to impound the car.

We are starving. We all go eat a very nice lunch.

This is how you hope the situation will go. There was no fighting, no injury and no blood. If someone is injured, you will go to jail until your insurance company bails you out, automatically.

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