Recipe for a cell phone

Take 1 Adolfo being 45 minutes late to meet me at a place outside our home;

Add 1 Friend of a friend calling to say that on his way to join us for lunch he was in a fender bender at the corner before the restaurant (literally 2 blocks away);

Combine both of these things happening on the same day and mull over several drinks during a very late lunch.

We went from lunch to a Sanborns and purchased a cell phone with a pay-as-you-go plan.

As they say in Mexico, we now work for Slim (or if you prefer, “eSlim”). The running joke here is that everyone works for Carlos Slim. Who, if you don’t know, is the world’s richest man. The Slim family is said to control about 7% of the Mexican GNP. It’s practically impossible to not buy something from one of his companies. (i.e. Do you want to have a phone? Land line or cell, it doesn’t matter, he owns both.)

So, there we are, working for Slim.

Also, on a related note, I was able to learn what happens here when you get into a fender bender. Very interesting and good to know, without either of us getting into an accident. Bonus. (fyi – It takes about 2 hours to resolve, if all goes well and no one is injured.)

One Response to “Recipe for a cell phone”

  1. Juliana Says:

    Well?!? What DOES happen when you get in a fender bender? The people want to know!

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