Fruity Sauce

Seen at the grocery store this morning:

“OK $!*$%# Fruity Sauce”

It’s an import from the UK. What do you put this sauce on?

Actually the $!*$%# part was Chinese, but it looked like fake swear words to me! And, are those thinly veiled homosexual threats? I’ll try to bring my camera next time, so you can see it for yourselves.


“Carne Vegetariana” (or fake meat, note that it is labeled vegetarian)

First ingredient: soya texturizada
Second ingredient: caldo de res

That’s right folks, the second ingredient on the vegetarian meat is Beef Broth! I actually want to try this one. It was hamburger style and it looked better than the actual hamburger sitting next to it.

One Response to “Fruity Sauce”

  1. aj burke Says:

    Wow, someone either did not get the point or just doesn’t care. I hope all the poor vegetarians in Mexico are reading the ingredients carefully!!

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