I had a terrible dream last night. We were moving again.

I don’t know why we were moving, but I know it was not what I wanted. We hadn’t started packing and I was saying to Adolfo: our stuff won’t fit back into the car!

Adolfo told me this morning, not to worry. If we need to move again, we can hire movers. I didn’t think that was the point. I just don’t want to have to pack up our stuff again.

2 Responses to “Nightmare”

  1. aj burke Says:

    I am having ‘not prepared for school’ nightmares.

  2. deeb Says:

    This turned into a reoccurring nightmare for a while. Pretty much all the time my documents were in the states getting stamped. I haven’t had it since the diplomas returned.

    Probably the school nightmares will subside once school beings, right?

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