Guadalajara, moving at the speed of light…

I really thought things were supposed to move slower here. I planned for that.

After being here for a week and a half, I had my first interview for a job. That same day I received a call offering me the job, which I took. I start on Monday.

I thought I was going to be unemployed for a couple months. I was lining up projects in my head. I packed extra books to read, I was going to drink tea in the afternoon.

Now, I’m starting a scary/thrilling new job, which will use all my brainpower. I will need to really buckle-down with the Spanish. I’m really excited and stunned that it happened so fast.

So, I’m making more of an effort to speak Spanish with Adolfo and I need to find the radio news on the local stations instead of plugging the computer into the stereo to listen to NPR. We purchased two Spanish/English dictionaries today at the bookstore.

On the food front, I’m gaining independence and am able to get to the markets by myself. I also found the tofu or ‘queso de soya’, which I think doesn’t sound as good. Today we had a Japanese curry for lunch! We also went to buy more tortillas this morning.

We found an excellent tortilleria, thanks to Adolfo’s father, and we bought 2 kilos of fresh hot tortillas very soon after we arrived in town. My household of two has already eaten 2 KILOS of tortillas, and we had to return for more, today.

I have to get enrolled in a gym soon!

By the way: When I returned to the vegetable stand by myself a couple days ago, the vegetable guy remembered who I was and asked after my friend (Adolfo). We discussed many things over the vegetable stand, including how difficult it is to speak another language, what San Diego is like, what a good guy Abraham Lincoln was (the veggie guy is a fan). It was a fantastically bizarre conversation and I will be returning for more (conversation and vegetables).

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