Hurrah for the Joy of Cooking!

I am constructing a very large grocery list so that tomorrow we can try to get enough food in the house that I can actually make something other than quesadillas. (The soup actually turned out to be very good and I put a pint away in the freezer.)

I purchased yeast and something called Royal at the grocery store the first time we went. But I wasn’t quite sure if Royal was baking soda or baking powder. With the help of my handy Joy of Cooking, I found that my Royal (subtitle: powder for baking) was in fact Double-Acting baking powder.

I need to get some baking soda, which I think I can find as the Spanish translation of sodium bicarbonate. Then, we will be able to make pancakes.

I’m also hoping to find the ingredients to make some granola. Adolfo says that he knows where I can find these things.

One Response to “Hurrah for the Joy of Cooking!”

  1. aj burke Says:

    I don’t think I mentioned to anyone that I actually QUIT A BOOK HALFWAY THROUGH recently – the book about the making of the Joy of Cooking. UGGGHHHH!!!! Do you agree? What was that author doing, writing a book or a PhD thesis? Do we have to know about every single flippin’ typo that the authors and publishers fought over? “And then, Mrs. Rombauer received a bill in the post for $1.50 for editing. She was furious and rang her lawyers.” “For the next edition, Mrs. Rombauer wanted to correct three words, but remembered the devious business about them charging her $1.50 the year before. What would she do???” GIVE ME A BREAK!
    (In other words, won’t be posting that one on Cali’s blog.)

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